Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nights at the Museum

This past weeks theme was museum week. Thursday I went to the Frazier History Museum for the last week of the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" exhibit. This temporary exhibit featured items from the Gilded Age (1870-1915), which was when the United States became the leader in industrialization and the country saw rapid economic growth. Saturday I went to "Science with a Twist" at the Kentucky Science Center. I was the lucky winner of two tickets from a Yelp giveaway! The night was full of fun, food and drinks!

 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Art, Fashion & Luxury in the Gilded Age

I loved this exhibit because many of the items on display were from the Louisville area. Local pieces came from "the collections of the Kentucky Historical Society, The Speed Art Museum, The Filson Historical Society, the Howard Steamboat Museum, the University of Louisville Archives, and numerous private lenders." I love learning about the history of Louisville. Below are pictures of most the dresses and accessories on display along with a few other items.  
I need a trunk just like this one :)

The dress on the right was one of my favorites 

Wedding Dress

Shoes and view down the gallery

Jewels and accessories, yes please!
Horse drawn carriage

Knife display up the stairs on the second floor.
Bourbon anyone?

Science with a Twist: Kentucky Science Center's Annual Fundraising Gala

Ice Bar = Coolest bar I've seen 
Science with a Twist is the biggest event for the Kentucky Science Center each year. Their goal is to promote and raise funds for early childhood education giving children a strong foundation in science. Science with a Twist recognizes the newest Ambassadors of Science Literacy. A new childhood gallery will open in July to help achieve these goals. Contact the Kentucky Science Center if you would like to donate to the Science in Play campaign or visit their website to make a donation.
Ice Carving in the Frozen section

There was also a place to smash liquid nitrogen frozen vegetables, for a donation of course! They aren't going to destroy food for nothing!
Shooting Angry Birds

Food was provided by Horseshoe Casino

Horseshoe Casino also had build your own nachos, sliders and Coney bars! My only problem with the event was figuring out how to play, eat and sip on an adult beverage at the same time. 
Build your own desert in the Bourbon & Bricks Lego Lounge 
Being a grown-up kid is the best!

I had to sneak in a program picture
The Jungle Book area had live animal interaction!
There were snakes, different lizard species, a turtle, chinchilla, hedgehog, and birds including a peregrine falcon, bald eagle and this beauty!
 I wore a dress from Forever 21, shoes from ASOS (similar here), crystal necklace from Louisville's Beaux Bijoux (Edenside Gallery or as Andranbee on Etsy)
and  a vintage Andrew Geller faux ostrich leather handbag. 
What will you be doing this month? Below are a few ideas of places I would love to go for a night out on the town:
While my intention with LeaLouLife is to post mostly about natural beauty and health, I know I've been slacking. I am currently working on a 2-3 part series for dental health with two DIY recipes and a post on a natural makeup brand. Stay tuned!